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Licensed Wasp, Bees and Hornets Exterminator in the Central Valley CA

Wasp, bees or hornets can cause a big trouble with your family as they may cause itchy and painful stings. If you see wasp nests near at home,it can pose a potential problem. To protect you from stings, you should immediately take action to eradicate the nest by contacting a professional residential pest control company that is expert on handling wasps or bees.

Contact Official Pest Pros, expert and licensed pest control company in California that offers advanced pest control services. Our pest exterminators are trained, state licensed, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. License#: SPCB PR 3637

Wasp Control Services and Solutions in Central Valley

Most people has painful and itching reaction to wasp and bee stings, but it may cost more serious allergic reactions to others. It can cause burning, itching, redness and painful feeling to a person that been stung and may last up to a week. You need to contact a professional wasps or bees to handle the nests and remove the groups of this flying pests at your home or backyard.

We have a proven wasp system control developed specifically for Central California homes to get of rid this flying pests, and place the proper pest preventative systems to keep them from returning.

If the wasp nests are disturbed, they can potentially attack in numbers.The best move you can do is treat a nest earlier in the year before numbers increase and the wasps become more aggressive, increasing the threat of stings during treatment. At Official Pest Pros, we can offer safe and convenient pest control solutions in the Central Valley to get rid of your wasp problem quickly. Our qualified pest technicians will conduct a pest inspection at your home and discuss the actions we will take to exterminate this dangerous pests at your home or backyard.

Affordable Wasp and Bees Control in California

Local wasps and bees control specialists with seasonal specials specific to your area

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Wasp Inspection and Nest Removal

Our pest control specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your property for any nest staying at your home or backyard. Our preventive programs would also prevent this wasps to come back at your home. All our pest technicians are licensed and experienced in wasp nest removal.

Every other month we will conduct a follow up inspection for any possible locations or situations that other pests may arise. Call Official Pest Pros on (559) 382-7300 and we’ll treat your wasp problem, professionally and ffectively, within 2 working days.

Wasp and Bees Preventive Tips

Here are some tips to prevent wasps coming at your home after our wasp control service. Please take note of this guide:

  • Trim large bushes and over-hanging branches from the perimeter or whole area  of your home.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the perimeter of your building and gardens for wasp activity and signs of early nest building, especially in Spring.
  • Ensure your bins are closed and food is not left unattended. Also make sure that any composting is carried out in containers.

Book a Pest Inspection Today!

Official Pest Pros cockroach technicians at (877) 609-0046 and schedule a pest inspection at your home. Our plans start as low as $49.99. We will continue to expand to provide wasp control services to the greater portion of Oakland, and San Francisco Bay areas, as well as other location in the central valley – Visalia, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

Give us a call at (559) 382-7300 or via email at Our working hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

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