Professional Rodent Exterminator

As a local pest exterminator, located in Fresno, CA, we are experts on handling mice or rat control at your home or office. We are known for our professional handling of mice or rat problems.

Our team includes experts on the methods of rat control or rat extermination. We have mastered the rat inspection and extermination, making us one of the top and best pest control company in California.

Bring up a rat free environment at your home!

We Commit to A Rat Free Home

Whether your office or residential has rat or rodent problems, Official Pest Pros are the expert pest exterminator in CA for you.

We offer excellent rodent control service in the local residents of commercial and residential properties since 2000 throughout California. Count on our expert exterminators for your pest control. 

Please call us at (877) 609-0046 and let us solve your rodent problems.


Appoint a Rat Inspection and Rat Control with a Trusted Pest Control Company

We also provide insect control, pigeon exclusion, gopher, mole, and ground squirrel control.

Please call us at (877) 609-0046 for a free quotation and rat inspection.

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