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Residential Flea Treatment and Control

Are you tired of having flea bites every morning? Or it causes you uneasy sleep because of itchiness of your skin? Having flea infestation at your California home is a major problem specially if have furbabies (pets) at home. Treating inside and outside of your home is the best you can do to ensure that your yard or kennel areas are free from this pests. Using home-made flea sprays would not work and may cause the infestation to be worse. You need a expert residential pest control company to handle the flea extermination program. License#: SPCB PR 3637

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Filthy house can be a major source of flea problems as they only develop and starting to infest your home or pets within 2-4 weeks. So maintaining a clean house is a big recommendation. But if you are currently experiencing the problems with fleas, just cleaning would not work; so a expert pest control in Central Valley is needed. They must know the best and efficient flea control products to be use at your home but ensuring that this will be safe for your pets.

Do not let fleas infest your house within days as they can easy develop into a major flea infestation. Contact a Central Valley local pest control company to handle the flea control and protect your family and pets from this pests.

Fleas can be living at your pets or even your home carpets. So taking a Flea Treatment Program for the whole house is suggested to ensure that even flea eggs will be killed. If one of your family has hyper-sensitive condition, flea bites can cause allergic reactions. Official Pest Pros flea exterminators are knowledgeable and skilled on getting rid of this pests from your home. Have a flea-free home and protect your pets from this pests.

Affordable Flea Control in California

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Flea Control Program

If you want to get rid of fleas, you need more than just some simple tips on bathing your pets or washing your fabrics or clothes. Fighting a flea infestation can’t be done on a one time flea treatment program. It can take days, maybe even weeks, because of fast growing ability of fleas. But Official Pest Control Flea Control Program ensure’s you a whole year protection with fleas. Our services are done every 2 months to ensure that this pests will not come back at your home; but if you need other emergency pest control service we are available to provide you 24/7 pest control service.

Certified and Proven Flea Control Services

Our flea control technician will conduct a thorough checking and inspection inside and outside your home to ensure that any pest is treated and will be prevented to coming back at your California residential property. We will determine first the level of flea infestation living at your house or kennel areas, then used best flea control products to kill those pests.Our plans start as low as $49.99.

We will continue to expand to provide residential flea control services to the greater portion of Oakland, and San Francisco Bay areas, as well as other location in the central valley – Clovis, Kerman, Visalia, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

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