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Termite Home Inspections: Catch Them Early

Termites can be easy to miss until their destruction is hard to miss. So if you even think that you may have a termite infestation, call Official Pest Pros for a termite inspection. You can then rest easy knowing that we will handle any issues promptly and thoroughly. Official Pest Pros Pest Control’s inspectors and service technicians have been exterminating termites in California homes for decades serving all Fresno to Sacramento County.

Official Pest Pros, your home expert termite inspector and exterminators! License#: SPCB PR 3637

Termite Inspectors For Fresno to Entire Central Valley Areas!

Our state-licensed termite inspector conducts a comprehensive inspection, examining your home inside and outside. You can assured that we pay close attention to the attic, the basement or subarea, windows, plumbing, and crawl spaces and voids – the favorite pest hangouts specially for termites.

If we discover termites, we’ll recommend the most effective treatment method, that customized to your needs. We’ll also advise you on appropriate repairs for any damaged areas, and we’re especially equipped to make these repairs. Our termite specialists are skilled to handle any kind of termite infestation at your home or even conduct a whole-house fumigation for termites.

Affordable Termite Inspection and Detection in California

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Advanced Termite Program After Thorough Inspection

Official Pest Pros termite inspectors are experts on finding all the nest that these wooden eating pests may staying. After the thorough termite inspection, we will apply the modern and advanced termite treatment that would be affordable and pet-friendly. We apply the best termite control products to prevent termites from laying eggs again and eliminate specially their queen.

If you are currently experiencing severe termite infestation, we also offer whole-house termite fumigation and even exterior monitoring for any nest or cracks that termites may nest. Protect your home with these pests with Official Pest Pros Termite Extermination Program.

Expert Termite Specialist and Inspectors

Your residential property is in terrible danger if you see even small traces of termites; either inside or outside your house. It is also possible termite infestation and a colony is been established at your home and secretly destroying your home. Official Pest Pros termite specialists will conduct a thorough termite inspection to distinguish if your homes are showing any small sign of termite infestation and apply the needed termite programs to protect your homes for more damage.

Here are some signs that your home are been conquered by this destructive pests – termites:

  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Small holes in drywall or wallpaper
  • Small piles of sawdust under flooring and baseboards (drywood termites)
  • Piles of small wings
  • Presence of dark areas or blisters in wood flooring or mud holes at your yard (subterranean termites)

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