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Expert Tick Removal in Central Valley

Protecting your family and pets from ticks are very important as a single tick bite may cause multiple diseases. Call now us at (559) 382-7300 to schedule a tick removal services that will give you a safe tick-free home. When tick infestation becomes a serious issue, homeowners may need to consult with a residential pest removal specialist. Official Pest Pros Pest Control performs tick control services in the Central Valley, Joaquin Valley and the surrounding areas. Our pest exterminators are trained, state licensed, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. License#: SPCB PR 3637

Tick Control Services From Fresno to Entire Central Valley Areas!

Our Official Pest Pros pest exterminators will treat your residential property the best and advanced tick control products to protect your home from tick infestation for months.

In California, ticks are at its highest risk during the months of April to July as these pests seek for host with cool temperatures. Our pest control specialists are available anytime of the year to solve your tick problems by professionally applying and spraying the best pest control products for your pest problems.

Ticks are extremely small annoying insect-like pests that is commonly found in grass, trees, shrubs and leaf piles areas. They attached themselves to animals and humans to suck blood for days. It causes itchiness and you can see rashes or red spots. Tick bites are usually harmless but if you are allergic to tick bites this may cause you pain, rashes, blisters or even a burning sensation.

If you have tick problems at home, contacting a tick control and removal expert is the best solution. Ticks may cause sickness and may carry viruses or bacteria, so taking a urgent pest control is needed.

Affordable Tick Control in California

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Tick Inspection and Control

You can reduce the number of ticks on your Central Valley home by trimming you tall grasses and adding gravel barriers around your wooded areas and patios.These pest parasites are often attached with indoors on pets or household pests like rats and mice so taking a pest control service is suggested. Tick infestation may also a sign that a stray or wild animal is living near your home maybe a raccoon, opossum or other wild animals so taking a wild animal control is the best move you can do to protect your family from tick bites. According to Medlineplus, ticks can cause lyme disease so taking urgent action is needed to protect your family from anyone.

Proven Tick Removal and Control Services

Ticks in the Central Valley California, can cause headache, fever, chills, and a rash or worse situations. This pests are not easy to be seen and getting rid of them is not an easy task. Contact now a tick control expert in California for a successful tick extermination and advanced pest control service from a professional pest control company. Our plans start as low as $49.99.

We will continue to expand to provide tick control and removal services to the greater portion of Oakland, and San Francisco Bay areas, as well as other location in the central valley – Visalia, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

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